[R2017] Petrochemical Engineering Anna University Time Table | Nov/Dec 2021

Are you searching for the Anna University Petrochemical Engineering time table? We provide the latest Anna University time table for Petrochemical Engineering for the months of November/December 2021 - revised.

Sem Subject Code Subject Name Exam Date Session
01 MA8151 Engineering Mathematics - I 19-FEB-22 A.N.
01 HS8151 Communicative English 24-FEB-22 A.N.
01 GE8152 Engineering Graphics 26-FEB-22 A.N.
01 GE8151 Problem Solving and Python Programming 27-FEB-22 A.N.
01 CY8151 Engineering Chemistry 28-FEB-22 A.N.
01 PH8151 Engineering Physics 01-MAR-22 A.N.
02 HS8251 Technical English 18-FEB-22 A.N.
02 CY8291 Organic Chemistry 22-FEB-22 A.N.
02 MA8251 Engineering Mathematics - II 24-FEB-22 F.N.
02 BE8256 Basic Mechanical Engineering 26-FEB-22 F.N.
02 PH8254 Physics of Materials 27-FEB-22 F.N.
02 PM8251 Industrial Chemical Technology 28-FEB-22 F.N.
03 EE8352 Principles of Electrical and Electronics Engineering 01-FEB-22 F.N.
03 CH8351 Process Calculations 03-FEB-22 F.N.
03 MA8391 Probability and Statistics 17-FEB-22 F.N.
03 GE8292 Engineering Mechanics 25-FEB-22 F.N.
03 PM8391 Materials Technology 02-MAR-22 F.N.
03 PM8351 Fluid Mechanics 04-MAR-22 F.N.
04 PE8092 Natural Gas Engineering 09-FEB-22 A.N.
04 PM8452 Petroleum Primary Processing Technology 11-FEB-22 A.N.
04 PM8451 Petroleum Exploration and Exploitation Techniques 14-FEB-22 F.N.
04 CH8451 Mechanical Operations 14-FEB-22 A.N.
04 PE8491 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 16-FEB-22 F.N.
04 CY8292 Chemistry for Technologists 01-MAR-22 F.N.
05 CH8551 Mass Transfer I 02-FEB-22 F.N.
05 CH8591 Heat Transfer 04-FEB-22 F.N.
05 PM8075 Instrumentation and Instrumental Analysis 07-FEB-22 F.N.
05 PM8078 Petrochemical Unit Processes 07-FEB-22 F.N.
05 PE8091 Chemical Reaction Engineering 10-FEB-22 F.N.
05 ORO551 Renewable Energy Sources 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OIT552 Cloud Computing 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OCE551 Air Pollution and Control Engineering 18-FEB-22 F.N.
06 CH8651 Mass Transfer II 02-FEB-22 A.N.
06 CH8653 Process Instrumentation, Dynamics and Control 07-FEB-22 A.N.
06 PE8072 Catalytic Reaction Engineering 09-FEB-22 F.N.
06 PM8651 Petroleum Secondary Processing Technology 10-FEB-22 A.N.
06 GE8076 Professional Ethics in Engineering 25-FEB-22 A.N.
06 PM8074 Drilling and Well Engineering 05-MAR-22 F.N.
06 GE8075 Intellectual Property Rights 05-MAR-22 F.N.
06 PE8071 Advanced Separation Techniques 05-MAR-22 F.N.
07 PE8073 Enhanced Oil Recovery 01-FEB-22 A.N.
07 PM8082 Water Treatment and Management 01-FEB-22 A.N.
07 PM8081 Refinery Process Design 08-FEB-22 F.N.
07 GE8077 Total Quality Management 16-FEB-22 A.N.
07 PM8077 Petrochemical Derivatives 16-FEB-22 A.N.
07 OME754 Industrial Safety 19-FEB-22 F.N.
07 OML751 Testing of Materials 19-FEB-22 F.N.
07 GE8291 Environmental Science and Engineering 20-FEB-22 A.N.
07 PM8751 Process Equipment Design and Drawing 03-MAR-22 A.N.
08 PM8801 Pipeline and Welding Technology 08-FEB-22 A.N.
08 PE8093 Plant Safety and Risk Analysis 15-FEB-22 F.N.
08 GE8073 Fundamentals of Nano Science 05-MAR-22 A.N.

FN: Forenoon (9.30 A.M to 12.30 P.M)
AN: Afternoon (2.30 P.M to 5.30 P.M)

P.s: Students registered for 8th semester (advanced study) courses in 7th semester should refer to the schedule of 8th semester.