[R2017] Biomedical Engineering Anna University Time Table | Nov/Dec 2021

Are you looking for Anna University (AU) Biomedical Engineering Time Table for Nov/Dec 2021? Then your search ends here. In this article, I will share everything related to the time table.

Sem Subject Code Subject Name Exam Date Session
01 MA8151 Engineering Mathematics - I 19-FEB-22 A.N.
01 HS8151 Communicative English 24-FEB-22 A.N.
01 GE8152 Engineering Graphics 26-FEB-22 A.N.
01 GE8151 Problem Solving and Python Programming 27-FEB-22 A.N.
01 CY8151 Engineering Chemistry 28-FEB-22 A.N.
01 PH8151 Engineering Physics 01-MAR-22 A.N.
02 HS8251 Technical English 18-FEB-22 A.N.
02 MA8251 Engineering Mathematics - II 24-FEB-22 F.N.
02 BM8251 Engineering Mechanics for Biomedical Engineers 26-FEB-22 F.N.
02 PH8253 Physics for Electronics Engineering 27-FEB-22 F.N.
02 BM8201 Fundamentals of Bio Chemistry 28-FEB-22 F.N.
02 EC8251 Circuit Analysis 01-MAR-22 F.N.
03 BM8351 Anatomy and Human Physiology 01-FEB-22 F.N.
03 MA8352 Linear Algebra and Partial Differential Equations 07-FEB-22 F.N.
03 BM8301 Sensors and Measurements 11-FEB-22 F.N.
03 BM8302 Pathology and Microbiology 15-FEB-22 F.N.
03 EC8353 Electron Devices and Circuits 23-FEB-22 A.N.
03 EC8352 Signals and Systems 02-MAR-22 F.N.
04 EC8393 Fundamentals of Data Structures in C 01-FEB-22 A.N.
04 BM8401 Medical Physics 02-FEB-22 A.N.
04 EE8452 Basics of Electrical Engineering 03-FEB-22 A.N.
04 EC8392 Digital Electronics 14-FEB-22 F.N.
04 EC8453 Linear Integrated Circuits 16-FEB-22 F.N.
04 MA8391 Probability and Statistics 17-FEB-22 F.N.
05 EC8553 Discrete-Time Signal Processing 02-FEB-22 F.N.
05 BM8502 Biomedical Instrumentation 04-FEB-22 F.N.
05 BM8501 Biocontrol Systems 08-FEB-22 F.N.
05 GE8077 Total Quality Management 16-FEB-22 A.N.
05 BM8001 Medical Optics 16-FEB-22 A.N.
05 BM8072 Biomaterials 16-FEB-22 A.N.
05 OPY551 Herbal Technology 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OTL554 Wavelets and its Applications 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OCS551 Software Engineering 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 ORO551 Renewable Energy Sources 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OCH551 Industrial Nanotechnology 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OCE552 Geographic Information System 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OMF551 Product Design and Development 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OBT554 Principles of Food Preservation 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OML552 Microscopy 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OBT553 Fundamentals of Nutrition 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OTL552 Digital Audio Engineering 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OBT552 Basics of Bioinformatics 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OCE551 Air Pollution and Control Engineering 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 EC8394 Analog and Digital Communication 03-MAR-22 A.N.
06 BM8601 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipment - I 04-FEB-22 A.N.
06 BM8651 Biomechanics 09-FEB-22 F.N.
06 EC8691 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers 14-FEB-22 A.N.
06 MD8091 Hospital Management 15-FEB-22 A.N.
06 GE8291 Environmental Science and Engineering 20-FEB-22 A.N.
06 MD8071 Telehealth Technology 05-MAR-22 F.N.
06 BM8002 Artificial organs and Implants 05-MAR-22 F.N.
06 GE8075 Intellectual Property Rights 05-MAR-22 F.N.
07 EC8093 Digital Image Processing 03-FEB-22 F.N.
07 BM8703 Rehabilitation Engineering 07-FEB-22 A.N.
07 BM8702 Radiological Equipments 09-FEB-22 A.N.
07 GE8072 Foundation Skills in Integrated Product Development 11-FEB-22 A.N.
07 CS8081 Internet of Things 17-FEB-22 A.N.
07 OBT753 Introduction of Cell Biology 19-FEB-22 F.N.
07 OBT751 Analytical Methods and Instrumentation 19-FEB-22 F.N.
07 OBT752 Microbiology 19-FEB-22 F.N.
07 OCS752 Introduction to C Programming 19-FEB-22 F.N.
07 OCS751 Data Structures and Algorithms 19-FEB-22 F.N.
07 OCH752 Energy Technology 19-FEB-22 F.N.
07 OCY751 Waste Water Treatment 19-FEB-22 F.N.
07 OEN751 Green Building Design 19-FEB-22 F.N.
07 OGI751 Climate Change and its Impact 19-FEB-22 F.N.
07 OIC751 Transducers Engineering 19-FEB-22 F.N.
07 OME752 Supply Chain Management 19-FEB-22 F.N.
07 OCE751 Environmental and Social Impact Assessment 19-FEB-22 F.N.
07 BM8701 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipment - II 21-FEB-22 A.N.
07 BM8004 Robotics in Medicine 03-MAR-22 F.N.
07 BM8078 Soft Computing Techniques 03-MAR-22 F.N.
07 GE8071 Disaster Management 03-MAR-22 F.N.
08 BM8073 Biometric Systems 08-FEB-22 A.N.
08 BM8079 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality 08-FEB-22 A.N.
08 BM8077 Hospital Waste Management 08-FEB-22 A.N.
08 EC8791 Embedded and Real Time Systems 21-FEB-22 F.N.
08 GE8076 Professional Ethics in Engineering 25-FEB-22 A.N.
08 BM8075 Brain Computer Interface and its Applications 02-MAR-22 A.N.
08 BM8076 Electrical Safety and Quality Assurance 02-MAR-22 A.N.
08 BM8006 Ergonomics 04-MAR-22 A.N.
08 GE8073 Fundamentals of Nano Science 05-MAR-22 A.N.

FN: Forenoon (9.30 A.M to 12.30 P.M)
AN: Afternoon (2.30 P.M to 5.30 P.M)

P.s: Students registered for 8th semester (advanced study) courses in 7th semester should refer to the schedule of 8th semester.