[R2017] B.Tech. Textile Chemistry Anna University Time Table | Nov/Dec 2021

If You are eagerly waiting for the B.Tech. Textile Chemistry Anna University Time Table for Nov/Dec 2021 then you are at right place. Our team tries its best to bring you latest updates related to your courses, examination and all other university activities.

Sem Subject Code Subject Name Exam Date Session
01 MA8151 Engineering Mathematics - I 19-FEB-22 A.N.
01 HS8151 Communicative English 24-FEB-22 A.N.
01 GE8152 Engineering Graphics 26-FEB-22 A.N.
01 GE8151 Problem Solving and Python Programming 27-FEB-22 A.N.
01 CY8151 Engineering Chemistry 28-FEB-22 A.N.
01 PH8151 Engineering Physics 01-MAR-22 A.N.
02 HS8251 Technical English 18-FEB-22 A.N.
02 MA8251 Engineering Mathematics - II 24-FEB-22 F.N.
02 BE8251 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering 26-FEB-22 F.N.
02 PH8254 Physics of Materials 27-FEB-22 F.N.
02 TT8251 Basics of Textile Technology 28-FEB-22 F.N.
02 CY8292 Chemistry for Technologists 01-MAR-22 F.N.
03 TT8391 Engineering Mechanics for Textile Technologists 01-FEB-22 F.N.
03 TT8351 Characteristics of Textile Fibres 03-FEB-22 F.N.
03 FT8301 Technology of Spinning Processes 11-FEB-22 F.N.
03 FT8491 Fabric Manufacturing 15-FEB-22 F.N.
03 MA8391 Probability and Statistics 17-FEB-22 F.N.
03 CY8291 Organic Chemistry 22-FEB-22 A.N.
04 FT8691 Textile Quality Evaluation 03-FEB-22 A.N.
04 TT8451 Production of Manufactured Fibre 04-FEB-22 A.N.
04 TC8401 Principles and Theory of Dyeing 07-FEB-22 A.N.
04 TC8402 Chemistry and Technology of Intermediates and Dyes 09-FEB-22 F.N.
04 TC8403 Preparation of Textiles for Coloration 10-FEB-22 A.N.
04 TT8452 Solid Mechanics for Textile Technologists 21-FEB-22 A.N.
05 TC8501 Chemistry of Textile Auxiliaries 02-FEB-22 F.N.
05 TC8503 Dyeing of Cellulosic Materials 08-FEB-22 F.N.
05 TC8504 Dyeing of Protein Materials 14-FEB-22 A.N.
05 TC8505 Technology of Printing 16-FEB-22 F.N.
05 ORO551 Renewable Energy Sources 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 GE8291 Environmental Science and Engineering 20-FEB-22 A.N.
05 TC8502 Dyeing of Synthetic Materials 03-MAR-22 F.N.
06 TC8601 Wet Processing Machinery 02-FEB-22 A.N.
06 TC8605 Computer Colour Matching 08-FEB-22 A.N.
06 TC8603 Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis 11-FEB-22 A.N.
06 TC8002 Analysis of Textile Chemicals 15-FEB-22 A.N.
06 TC8602 Technology of Finishing 02-MAR-22 F.N.
06 TC8604 Garment Production and Processing 03-MAR-22 A.N.
06 TT8792 Technical Textiles 04-MAR-22 A.N.
07 TC8004 Advanced Wet Processing Machinery 04-FEB-22 F.N.
07 TC8701 Effluent Treatment and Pollution Control 07-FEB-22 F.N.
07 TT8751 Financial Management in Textile Industry 10-FEB-22 F.N.
07 TC8702 Process and Quality control in Textile Wet Processing 16-FEB-22 A.N.
07 OME754 Industrial Safety 19-FEB-22 F.N.
07 TT8073 Eco - Friendly Dyes, Chemicals and Processing 04-MAR-22 F.N.
08 TT8491 Knitting Technology 01-FEB-22 A.N.
08 MG8791 Supply Chain Management 14-FEB-22 F.N.

FN: Forenoon (9.30 A.M to 12.30 P.M)
AN: Afternoon (2.30 P.M to 5.30 P.M)

P.s: Students registered for 8th semester (advanced study) courses in 7th semester should refer to the schedule of 8th semester.