[R2017] B.Tech. Petrochemical Technology Anna University Time Table | Nov/Dec 2021

You can now get your Anna University B.Tech. Petrochemical Technology Nov and Dec 2021 Semester Exams Time Table here with us. The university has released their time table.

Sem Subject Code Subject Name Exam Date Session
01 MA8151 Engineering Mathematics - I 19-FEB-22 A.N.
01 HS8151 Communicative English 24-FEB-22 A.N.
01 GE8152 Engineering Graphics 26-FEB-22 A.N.
01 GE8151 Problem Solving and Python Programming 27-FEB-22 A.N.
01 CY8151 Engineering Chemistry 28-FEB-22 A.N.
01 PH8151 Engineering Physics 01-MAR-22 A.N.
02 HS8251 Technical English 18-FEB-22 A.N.
02 CY8291 Organic Chemistry 22-FEB-22 A.N.
02 MA8251 Engineering Mathematics - II 24-FEB-22 F.N.
02 BE8256 Basic Mechanical Engineering 26-FEB-22 F.N.
02 PH8254 Physics of Materials 27-FEB-22 F.N.
02 PM8251 Industrial Chemical Technology 28-FEB-22 F.N.
03 EE8352 Principles of Electrical and Electronics Engineering 01-FEB-22 F.N.
03 CH8351 Process Calculations 03-FEB-22 F.N.
03 MA8391 Probability and Statistics 17-FEB-22 F.N.
03 GE8292 Engineering Mechanics 25-FEB-22 F.N.
03 PM8391 Materials Technology 02-MAR-22 F.N.
03 PM8351 Fluid Mechanics 04-MAR-22 F.N.
04 PE8092 Natural Gas Engineering 09-FEB-22 A.N.
04 PM8452 Petroleum Primary Processing Technology 11-FEB-22 A.N.
04 PM8451 Petroleum Exploration and Exploitation Techniques 14-FEB-22 F.N.
04 CH8451 Mechanical Operations 14-FEB-22 A.N.
04 PE8491 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 16-FEB-22 F.N.
04 CY8292 Chemistry for Technologists 01-MAR-22 F.N.
05 CH8551 Mass Transfer I 02-FEB-22 F.N.
05 CH8591 Heat Transfer 04-FEB-22 F.N.
05 PM8078 Petrochemical Unit Processes 07-FEB-22 F.N.
05 PM8075 Instrumentation and Instrumental Analysis 07-FEB-22 F.N.
05 PE8091 Chemical Reaction Engineering 10-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OMD552 Hospital Waste Management 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 ORO551 Renewable Energy Sources 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OME551 Energy Conservation and Management 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OIT552 Cloud Computing 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OCE551 Air Pollution and Control Engineering 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OIC501 Basic Control Theory 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OCE552 Geographic Information System 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 CH8094 Polymer Technology 03-MAR-22 F.N.
05 GE8071 Disaster Management 03-MAR-22 F.N.
06 CH8651 Mass Transfer II 02-FEB-22 A.N.
06 CH8653 Process Instrumentation, Dynamics and Control 07-FEB-22 A.N.
06 PE8072 Catalytic Reaction Engineering 09-FEB-22 F.N.
06 PM8651 Petroleum Secondary Processing Technology 10-FEB-22 A.N.
06 GE8076 Professional Ethics in Engineering 25-FEB-22 A.N.
06 PM8073 Design of Pressure Vessels and Piping 05-MAR-22 F.N.
06 PM8074 Drilling and Well Engineering 05-MAR-22 F.N.
06 PE8071 Advanced Separation Techniques 05-MAR-22 F.N.
06 GE8075 Intellectual Property Rights 05-MAR-22 F.N.
07 PE8073 Enhanced Oil Recovery 01-FEB-22 A.N.
07 PM8082 Water Treatment and Management 01-FEB-22 A.N.
07 PE8075 Petroleum Corrosion Technology 08-FEB-22 F.N.
07 PM8079 Petroleum Process Equipment Auxiliaries 08-FEB-22 F.N.
07 GE8074 Human Rights 11-FEB-22 F.N.
07 PE8078 Reservoir Characterization and Modeling 16-FEB-22 A.N.
07 PM8077 Petrochemical Derivatives 16-FEB-22 A.N.
07 GE8077 Total Quality Management 16-FEB-22 A.N.
07 OME754 Industrial Safety 19-FEB-22 F.N.
07 OCE751 Environmental and Social Impact Assessment 19-FEB-22 F.N.
07 GE8291 Environmental Science and Engineering 20-FEB-22 A.N.
07 PE8079 Storage Transportation of Crude Oil and Natural gas 22-FEB-22 F.N.
07 PM8751 Process Equipment Design and Drawing 03-MAR-22 A.N.
08 PE8093 Plant Safety and Risk Analysis 15-FEB-22 F.N.
08 PE8077 Process Economics 17-FEB-22 A.N.
08 PC8071 Safety in Chemical Industries 05-MAR-22 A.N.
08 GE8073 Fundamentals of Nano Science 05-MAR-22 A.N.

FN: Forenoon (9.30 A.M to 12.30 P.M)
AN: Afternoon (2.30 P.M to 5.30 P.M)

P.s: Students registered for 8th semester (advanced study) courses in 7th semester should refer to the schedule of 8th semester.