[R2017] B.Tech. Food Technology Anna University Time Table | Nov/Dec 2021

Are you a B.Tech. Food Technology Student and looking for Anna University Time Table for November/December 2021 semester? Here we have provided you complete information about the Anna university BT Food Tech Exam timing.

Sem Subject Code Subject Name Exam Date Session
01 MA8151 Engineering Mathematics - I 19-FEB-22 A.N.
01 HS8151 Communicative English 24-FEB-22 A.N.
01 GE8152 Engineering Graphics 26-FEB-22 A.N.
01 GE8151 Problem Solving and Python Programming 27-FEB-22 A.N.
01 CY8151 Engineering Chemistry 28-FEB-22 A.N.
01 PH8151 Engineering Physics 01-MAR-22 A.N.
02 BT8291 Microbiology 14-FEB-22 F.N.
02 HS8251 Technical English 18-FEB-22 A.N.
02 BE8252 Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering 22-FEB-22 A.N.
02 MA8251 Engineering Mathematics - II 24-FEB-22 F.N.
02 PH8254 Physics of Materials 27-FEB-22 F.N.
02 FD8201 Biochemistry 01-MAR-22 F.N.
03 FD8301 Introduction to Food Processing 01-FEB-22 F.N.
03 FD8302 Food Process Calculations 04-FEB-22 F.N.
03 MA8353 Transforms and Partial Differential Equations 07-FEB-22 F.N.
03 FD8303 Food Microbiology 10-FEB-22 F.N.
03 FD8305 Food Chemistry and Nutrition 16-FEB-22 F.N.
03 FD8304 Principles of Fluid Mechanics 04-MAR-22 F.N.
04 FD8401 Food Analysis 01-FEB-22 A.N.
04 FD8402 Thermodynamics 04-FEB-22 A.N.
04 FD8403 Unit Operations for Food Industries 07-FEB-22 A.N.
04 FD8491 Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer 08-FEB-22 F.N.
04 MA8391 Probability and Statistics 17-FEB-22 F.N.
04 GE8291 Environmental Science and Engineering 20-FEB-22 A.N.
05 FD8501 Food Additives 03-FEB-22 F.N.
05 FD8502 Biochemical Engineering for Food Technologists 11-FEB-22 F.N.
05 FD8503 Refrigeration and Cold Chain Management 15-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OMD553 Telehealth Technology 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OCE551 Air Pollution and Control Engineering 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 ORO551 Renewable Energy Sources 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OMD552 Hospital Waste Management 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OAI551 Environment and Agriculture 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 OML552 Microscopy 18-FEB-22 F.N.
05 FD8504 Food Processing and Preservation 22-FEB-22 F.N.
05 GE8071 Disaster Management 03-MAR-22 F.N.
05 FD8003 Traditional Foods 03-MAR-22 F.N.
06 FD8601 Food Process Engineering and Economics 08-FEB-22 A.N.
06 FD8013 Entrepreneurship 10-FEB-22 A.N.
06 FD8010 Meat, Fish and Poultry Processing Technology 10-FEB-22 A.N.
06 FD8007 Spices and Plantation Technology 11-FEB-22 A.N.
06 FD8006 Food Toxicology and Allergy 11-FEB-22 A.N.
06 FD8005 Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals 11-FEB-22 A.N.
06 FD8009 Cereal Technology 14-FEB-22 A.N.
06 GE8076 Professional Ethics in Engineering 25-FEB-22 A.N.
06 FD8602 Baking and Confectionary Technology 03-MAR-22 A.N.
06 FD8603 Fruits and Vegetable Processing Technology 04-MAR-22 A.N.
07 FD8701 Dairy Process Technology 02-FEB-22 F.N.
07 FD8703 Food Packaging Technology 09-FEB-22 F.N.
07 GE8077 Total Quality Management 16-FEB-22 A.N.
07 FD8018 Management of Food Waste 17-FEB-22 A.N.
07 OML751 Testing of Materials 19-FEB-22 F.N.
07 OME752 Supply Chain Management 19-FEB-22 F.N.
07 OME754 Industrial Safety 19-FEB-22 F.N.
07 BT8751 Downstream Processing 21-FEB-22 F.N.
07 FD8014 Beverage Technology 21-FEB-22 F.N.
07 FD8015 Post Harvest Technology 21-FEB-22 F.N.
07 FD8702 Food Safety, Quality and Regulation 02-MAR-22 F.N.

FN: Forenoon (9.30 A.M to 12.30 P.M)
AN: Afternoon (2.30 P.M to 5.30 P.M)

P.s: Students registered for 8th semester (advanced study) courses in 7th semester should refer to the schedule of 8th semester.